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The simple pleasure of healthy food.

Several prejudices undermine the adoption of a healthy diet. The most common is to think of healthy food as tasteless and therefore unappealing. Another, is the supposed value of eating food more friendly to our health.

Almost as if a secret hidden on the other side of the Douro River, straight after crossing the Arrábida Bridge, one of our members of the Martiform Squad challenges this prejudice with simplicity, originality and the desire to surprise, every day.

The Casa da Tété, founded by Tânia Manso, provides the ultimate pleasure of eating healthily, from the simple and cosy premises to the menu, which is different every day, lead customers to look forward to imagining what they will be choosing for lunch or dinner.

Surprises and new dishes are on the menu every day. The only certainty is that there will be a selection of fish, meat and vegetarian alternatives, and the freshness of the ingredients will bring out the best flavours in the meal, for a fair price.

The premises are plain and cosy, inviting the costumers to accompany the food with good conversation, and leaving them wanting to return to try out the next day’s menu.

To experience the delicious pleasures of healthy food, visit the Casa da Tété and shatter those prejudices about healthy eating!