Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Recognizing that QUALITY significatively important, which improvement leads to greater productivity, translated into greater participation in the market, at Profartic we consider it essential to guarantee the following:

  • That our goals stand out for the way they respect and satisfy all our stakeholders, namely our shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees, as well as the State;
  • That we clearly identify the needs and expectations of our customers, adapting our services and products accordingly;
  • To implement and maintain a Quality Management System in accordance with the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, which guarantees compliance with all applicable requirements, including legislation and regulations in the sector, as well as the commitments made voluntarily;
  • Developing and valuing all the company’s employees in order to stimulate initiatives and promote internal motivation through an appropriate incentive policy;
  • That through continuous improvement the best results are obtained, including from a perspective of supporting business development.

Criteria for supplier performance evaluation:

Yearly, each employee involved in the relevant purchases for production, in collaboration with the management, evaluates the performance of suppliers taking into account the following criteria:

  • Price changes over the year
  • Fulfilment of delivery deadlines (Deviation from the stated delivery deadline)
  • Quality of services/products (Defects identified in orders)
  • Communication (Ease of contact with the Supplier)

Scope of Certification:

Design, development and commercialization of professional clothing and accessories