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A word for our present and future.

In these difficult times, when we feel uncertainty, doubt, and also some fear, it doesn’t make sense to talk about Aprons, Chef Jackets or Hats.

Instead, it makes sense to talk about what can we do today, for a better tomorrow. However, we can ask: is that enough?

We’ve always treated hygiene as a main principle of a good service, and professional civility that guides each of our actions, as well as those of our clients.

Despite the efforts that we all make in preserving our health, and public health, we must be prepared for the impact that this virus will have, equally, on companies. Soon we’ll have to fight for the health of our companies.

The Portuguese product will be the best weapon we will have to overcome the tremendous challenge that lies ahead.

The Catering and Hospitality sector is beginning to experience a critical and unprecedented moment, and for that reason, we understand that there will be a time when, more than ever, each of us can make a difference and help.

It will be small decisions, like your daily consumption choices, that will keep some doors open, save jobs, and lead companies to prosperity.

Finally, we leave an appeal to follow the indications of the World Health Organization without exceptions, for your safe, and for the safe of everyone.

Because a better tomorrow, starts today.